Kuantum Pi,
Turkey's First and Only Patented Firewall!

While providing the technical measures to be taken regarding data security in Article 12 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 for micro-enterprises and SMEs, it also keeps log records, which are obligatory under the Law No. 5651.

We provide strong defense using the latest technology to prevent cyberattacks and safeguard your data.

Designed specifically for micro businesses and SMEs

Kuantum Pi was developed for businesses to fulfill technical measures within the scope of KVKK.

End-to-End 360 Degree Solution in One Product

It is a package solution that includes many features such as data leak prevention software, backup, endpoint and gateway antivirus, e-mail security, intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Easy Management​

Kuantum Pi does not contain complex and technical terms.

No Expert Required

With its easy user interface and plug-and-play structure, it eliminates the need for technical personnel/support.


Kuantum Pi eliminates the need for installation configuration thanks to its plug-and-play feature.​

100% Local​

The product software has been developed by Kuantum Siber Güvenlik A.Ş.

Wireless Network Support

It eliminates extra costs with wireless network support.

Mobile & Desktop Application

Kuantum Pi allows you to manage the system from multiple environments with mobile and desktop applications.

Multi-Language Support

Kuantum Pi's interface supports many languages, including Turkish.​

Price Advantage​

Kuantum Pi provides a price advantage to the user by eliminating high user-based licensing fees.​

Registered with 3 Patents

Kuantum Pi has 3 patents: invention, utility model and design registration patent.​

Touch screen

Kuantum Pi makes it easier to manage the interface with its optional touch screen.​

Problems Revealing the Need for Kuantum Pi


Financial Loss

Authorities report that a cyber attack on SMEs costs an average of $35,000 in damage.


Cyber ​​Attacks

A significant portion of cyber attacks generally target SMEs, and many of the businesses exposed to the attack face the risk of bankruptcy within six months.


Legal Obligation

Ensuring data security specified in the 1st paragraph of Article 12 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK) is legally mandatory for all institutions/organizations that process and share data.


Limited Budget

Micro and small businesses have limited budgets for cybersecurity products.


Expert Requirement

The management and installation of products available on the market often require expertise. For this reason, micro and small businesses have to employ IT experts or purchase services.


User Limited Licensing Fee

The products to be procured from the market by micro, medium and small scale enterprises require an annual licensing fee.


Large Business Focused Products

The products available on the market are mostly focused on medium and large-sized businesses and are quite difficult to manage and use.


Complex Installation

There is no plug-and-play product specifically designed for SMEs and micro-enterprises that does not require technical support for installation or management.

Kuantum Pi,
Easier Management

Remember! No product without a patent is not domestic...

Our References
Listen to Kuantum Pi from our Customers!"

Freelance Financial Consultant


"Managing a firewall without the need for an expert has now become very easy with Kuantum Pi."

Zonguldak Sınav Eğitim Head of Institution


"Protecting students from harmful content and using a firewall with an easy user interface is now possible for our computer teachers to use with Kuantum Pi."

Zonguldak Teknopark General Manager

Doç. Dr. Ferdi KESİKOĞLU

"The security of Zonguldak Teknopark is in safe hands with Kuantum Pi. Kuantum Pi was developed in our Zonguldak Teknopark as Turkey's first and only patented firewall."