What Can Be Done With Kuantum Pi?

Kuantum Pi, can work out of the box without the need for any extra configuration. For this reason, it has a plug-and-play feature. The interface of this computer, which contains many modules, has multi-language support (Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Arabic) and eliminates the need for experts thanks to its ease of use.

Device Management

Device management is the menu that enables device assignments registered on the network, in other words, it is used to register devices. Users can be divided into groups such as administrators, adults, children, guests and banned through this section where device addition, deletion and editing processes are carried out. Which devices will be affected by the operations performed in the program can then be selected over the groups or users assigned here.


The menu, which offers options such as rejecting incoming requests, accepting and dropping directly, can also be used to add rules for which protocols can provide access or not.

Port Forwarding

In the menu that allows the user to add port rules to the devices registered in the system, rules can be written by the user in order to determine which device the protocols will process the requests from outside and which port they will be forwarded to.

Web Filtering

Through the site ban menu, user-based or user-group banning of websites can be done. In the interface designed to reach the end user, the administrator can close the access to the site determined by the device or user groups.

Time Restriction

The time restriction menu contains definitions of when users or groups of users will have access to the Internet to be stopped and when to re-enable these users' access. With this feature, the user can manage the internet access of the devices connected to the system on a time basis and limit it on a timetable.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IPS/IDS)

Basically, it performs functions such as detecting the source that creates the malicious traffic, hiding the events that occur during its operation, quarantining the sources that generate the malicious traffic. With the IDPS feature of Kuantum Pi, users can prevent attacks with an on/off button.


In addition to the vulnerabilities created by today’s internet, there are also many dangers. Especially with the development of WEB2 technology, useful software and virus codes are placed in the codes of web pages as a result of hacking of web pages. Therefore, it is very likely that a virus that will reside in the web pages we visit unsupervised will infect our computer. For this reason, Kuantum Pi detects authored software and viruses by passing internet traffic through the proxy.

Ad Blocking

Today’s websites offer quite a lot of advertising work. Both electronic commerce and current sites advertise through small promotional windows called banners. Among the sites visited throughout in the world, there are electronic commerce, news sites and social media accounts. Advertising banners published in the content of these websites often contain malware and site redirect links. Users, on the other hand, click on these advertising banners, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes accidentally. If there are no necessary security measures, code snippets from the back end infect computers. For this reason, Kuantum Pi has a feature that blocks banner windows.


With the internet history menu, which is a very useful feature for businesses, the websites visited by all devices connected to the network are listed instantly. On the list, there is the IP information of the device logged in, the domain of the website, the date and time of the login. Through this menu, access to the relevant site can be prohibited directly, and it can be ensured that no more log records are kept.

Speed Restriction

The speed restriction setting menu is used to limit the internet speed of users and user groups. By means of this feature, the desired internet speed can be set as Mbit for the desired user.


It enables communication between computers to be established through a secure tunnel by encrypting.


It is used for secure data transmission between different branches or offices.

Network Log Backup / Timestamp​

You can ensure the data integrity of your logs with TUBITAK timestamp, and keep your log backups with Windows sharing and file transfer protocol.


DEBsec, which is specially designed for SMEs and micro-enterprises; It provides 360 protection with its features such as data leak prevention, backup, anti-phishing, anti-Spam protection, anti-malware, one-click recovery, APT/zero-day protection and many more.

System Log

All transactions made by the system and the user within the application are recorded together with the date and time.


With the settings menu in Kuantum Pi, it offers the user the opportunity to make changes according to their wishes. Some of these features are as follows;

This setting allows the user to easily configure the device’s Wi-Fi SSID and password settings.

This setting provides the user with settings for selecting the range of IP addresses to be distributed to the devices connected to the network.


With this setting, the clock of the device can be changed according to the region.


PPPoE configuration allows internet traffic to run through the device by putting the user’s modem in bridge mode.


This setting provides the user with settings for DNS selection of devices connected to the network.


With this setting, the interface language of the device can be changed.